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Jun 14 2017
Ways to Utilize Storage When Your Décor Preferences Are Constantly Changing

If you’re constantly getting inspired by the home décor you see on blogs, Instagram, HGTV or Pinterest, or simply find that your style changes with each new move (or year), then a storage unit needs to become your best friend. From storing throwback items to redecorating tools, storage units are a huge asset for those who love interior decorating—especially those whose tastes change like the wind. Here are four tips from the experts at Secure Self Storage on how to best keep up with your ever-changing décor wants and needs.  

  1. Store any questionable pieces. Sure, you may have pieces of furniture where you think, “What was I thinking?” in which case, you get the greenlight to toss or donate. But for those pieces where you’re unsure, it’s best to hold off on any rash decisions. Not sure of how that rustic, reclaimed wood coffee table will look with the modern, Lucite desk you just bought? Well, as quickly as your tastes changed from rustic to modern, your tastes may change back. When in doubt, store those items you still love (even though they may not go with your current aesthetic), so you don’t regret your purge in the future.
  2. Tools deserve love, too. When your style constantly changes, it’s best to be prepared for impromptu painting sessions—this could be your walls, furniture or accent items (such as mirrors or shelves). Changing a wall color is as a simple as changing your hair color—it’s not permanent and it can make a big difference, so keep primer on hand for when your next inspiration strikes. Once you’ve painted your walls or furniture or accent item, it’s best to hold onto the paint rollers, brushes and paint cans in case anything happens in the future—but since they can take up a ton of space—keep them in a climate-controlled unit so they stay in good condition for when you need them next.
  3. Keep furniture out of the way. When you’ve repainted a wall, keeping your furniture away from it is important—but having them floating around your personal space is unsettling. To keep life as normal as possible during your interior change up, store your items in a facility that offers 7-day accessibility, so you can get your items as soon as your walls are ready.
  4. List, store, sell. These days, selling items online is as easy as 1-2-3, but getting the price you want can sometimes take (a lot of) time. Rather than undercutting your furniture (and wallet), place your item in a unit so you don’t feel rushed to sell it, but so it’s out of your way—giving you peace of mind and the ability to get the new piece you really want into your space.

 For more tips on how a storage unit can aid you in your ever-changing décor preferences, contact the team at Secure Self Storage.