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Aug 15 2017
How to Utilize a Storage Unit for Hosting Parties

If you live in a Toronto apartment or a house that’s tight on space—but love to have company over for drinks, food and laughs—then a self-storage unit could be your best kept secret. But what are the best things to store in between your parties? Here are four tips from the experts at Secure Self Storage on how to utilize a self-storage unit for your many party items, all while keeping your guests guessing how you manage to throw the best parties all without cramping your space. Now there’s something to celebrate.

  1. Extra seating. Depending on the amount of permanent furniture you have (couches, kitchen chairs, kitchen table, etc.) you may need to invest in fold-up chairs, benches or additional tables. If you don’t have room to store these once-in-awhile pieces, the store them in a self-storage unit. For those impromptu parties when you need to grab your items at the last minute, be sure to choose a facility that offers flexible hours.
  2. Special decorations. Atmosphere is everything, so when it comes to throwing frequent parties, you’re going to want to have staple decorations. This can include twinkle lights, candles, table linens and vases. However, if you’re having people over multiple times, you’re going to want to spruce things up each time. For easy updates, fill vases with flowers, wine corks or moss balls, wrap napkins with small touches such as cinnamon sticks, dried berries, or lavender or wrap your candle votives with a ribbon, twine or burlap.
  3. Beverages for the occasion. A seasoned party hostess knows that drink variety is important—both alcoholic and non. To be ready for anything, keep wine (white and red), staple liquors such as vodka and tequila and standard mixers like seltzer, coke, ginger ale and fruit juices on hand. To avoid overcrowding your kitchen and looking like a supermarket, put these items in a place that’s easily accessible but out of your way.
  4. Additional eating accessories. Looking to make the cleanup easier so you don’t miss a beat of your dinner party? Opt for paper plates, plastic cutlery and cups and disposable napkins. If you pride yourself in your pretty plates, chic cutlery and nice napkins, then you do you. Just be sure to get a head count beforehand so you know you’ll have enough for everyone. To ensure you don’t forget the little things, keep a checklist for items such as straws, stirrers, bottle openers and beverage napkins.

For more tips on how a storage unit can help you throw the best parties without the clutter, contact the team at Secure Self Storage in North York or Mississauga.