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Aug 05 2019
Keep These 7 Things Cool In Climate-Controlled Storage

Not all self-storage companies offer climate-control, so many people assume it’s a perk, not a necessity, or that it’s a fancy way to say air conditioning. Climate-controlled storage is actually vital to protecting heat- and cold-sensitive items with stable humidity and temperature levels.

Most people don’t realize just how many of their belongings require this level of control—here are the top seven:

  1. Wine
    If your wine is fine enough to put in storage, it’s fine enough to need temperature control. Stored in uncontrolled temperatures, wine may develop an oxidized, metallic taste. It’s best stored on its side in a 12- to 13-degree Celsius environment.

  2. Wooden Furniture
    Wooden furniture is very susceptible to moisture, which may cause it to warp, crack, or rot. Climate-controlled storage will keep your wooden bed frame, nightstand, table and chairs, and other furniture in the condition in which you left it.

  3. Instruments
    Instruments may seem durable, but they’re actually quite delicate. Humidity is the greatest enemy of musical instruments, especially pianos, which have over 15,000 glued joints that can come apart and strings that are susceptible to rust. Brass instruments can develop bacteria and corrosion, whereas woodwind instruments can warp and crack over time.

  4. Leather Furniture
    Leather is incredibly sensitive to both hot and cold, so it’s vital that it’s stored in the proper climate. When stored somewhere with major shifts of temperature, it can easily develop discoloration and mildew from moisture exposure.

  5. Artwork
    If you want to maintain the integrity of your art—whether it’s truly fine art or simply has sentimental value—climate control is a must. Humidity can create a number of deterioration risks, from cracked paint, fiber-breakdown, and faded dye, to cloudy glass, yellowing paper, and mold and bacteria growth.

  6. Pictures
    Physical pictures are a rarity nowadays, so it’s even more important to preserve the ones you do have—especially older photographs of ancestors that can never be duplicated again. Your precious memories should be stored in Photograph Activity Test-approved (PAT) boxes and albums that were designed specifically for this purpose, and that should be stored in a climate-controlled environment to avoid deterioration.

  7. Household Appliances
    This may be the one category of items people least consider when it comes to climate control. However, the electronic and mechanical parts of appliances like dishwashers, ovens, washers and dryers, refrigerators, and microwaves can irreparably crack and rust. Mildew is also a big risk for these items.

Now that you understand just how important climate-controlled storage is for your belongings, you’re ready to find the storage company you can trust to keep them safe. Contact the storage professionals at Secure Self Storage for a climate-controlled, secure and affordable home for your belongings.