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Dec 18 2017
Hack Holiday Storage with These Simple Tips

Decorating for the upcoming season is bound to put you in the holiday mood. It’s getting darker earlier, and there’s a nip in the air, but inside your home, it’s bright, warm, and festive—what’s not to like? For many people, it’s dreading taking the decorations down and packing up the accessories, then figuring out how and where to store them until next year. That’s why this holiday season, our gift to you is quick and easy hacks for storing your most common holiday items.

  1. Lights. Is there anything more frustrating than opening your box labeled “lights” and, instead, finding a seemingly impossible tangle of wire and bulbs? Skip the hours it will take to unravel them and wind them around a thick piece of cardboard (extra points if you wrap the cardboard first!) or loop them neatly around clothes hangers.
  2. Ornaments. Want to keep your favorite ornaments safe? Stop tossing your “Baby’s 1st Christmas” and that popsicle stick Santa you made in third grade into boxes where they can break. Egg cartons make a sturdy home for your most fragile pieces, and plastic cups are a sure way to keep the rest well-protected.
  3. Beaded garland. These long strands look great in your home, but don’t fare too well when they’re mixed with other decorations. Simply feed these into empty water bottles and don’t give them another thought until next year!
  4. Wrapping paper. If you’re like most people, you probably have rolls and rolls of wrapping paper to add variety to your gifts. But what should you do with these 3-foot-long beauties once the holidays are over? You can store them in wine boxes, garment bags or shoe organizers with the bottom of each pocket cut away.
  5. Tape and ribbons. These may be integral to your holiday wrapping, but they’re also notoriously difficult to keep organized. Not anymore! Just take an aluminum foil dispenser, remove the tube from the middle and slide your ribbon and tape rolls onto it, then return it to the dispenser. If you’re feeling crafty, cover the dispenser and tube in festive wrapping paper first.
  6. Wreaths. Wreaths are a great way to add some holiday flair to the outside of your house, but can be challenging to store the rest of the year. Save your money on wreath bags and simply put them upside down in a garbage bag, cut a hole at the top to expose the hook and hang them on a hanger.

Now that you know all the best holiday storage tricks, contact Secure Self Storage Canada for a secure, affordable way to keep your holiday keepsakes safe until next year!