5 Easy Ways To Beautify Your Yard This Summer

After a long Canadian winter, your yard might be in need of a makeover. With warmer weather approaching, you’ll be spending more time outside and you deserve a beautiful space to enjoy. Without completely renovating your yard by demolishing everything and starting from scratch, you can upgrade the look of your outdoor space with a few simple additions. Get ready for summer with these five easy ways to beautify your yard.

  1. Turn On the Lights. Find creative ways to illuminate your yard. Run some string lights over your seating area or along a fence. You can even wrap them around a tree for a whimsical effect. If it’s difficult to run electricity to your outdoor space, hang solar powered bulbs and lanterns around your yard. Citronella candles and torches not only provide light but keep bugs away. These simple additions will allow you to keep entertaining well into the night this summer.
  2. Add Some Plants. Plant flowers, shrubs or trees in and around your yard to instantly upgrade the look of your space. If you don’t have enough of a green thumb, opt for potted plants instead. Buy different types of plants and put them in decorative vases and pots to add some character to your yard.
  3. Include a Water Feature. Water features make great focal points for outdoor spaces. Garden waterfalls and fountains not only look beautiful, but “installing” them can be as easy as plugging them in. Bird baths are also easy to add to your yard and can be eye-catching pieces.
  4. Roll Out aux Grass. If your yard is mostly deck or concrete and you want to add some green, just roll out some faux grass to breathe some life into your space. It’s perfect if you have small children and want to make your yard more kid friendly.
  5. Have Creative Seating. A great way to transform your yard into a better environment for outdoor entertaining is to add comfortable seating. Make the outdoors feel like a living room by adding a patio sectional and love seats. Toss in throw pillows and a rug to complete the look. Standing hammocks are great for relaxation and you don’t even need a tree! Place them wherever you want and move them around easily.

Whether you choose one or all of these five ways to beautify your yard, you’ll see a big difference! Once the summer is over, you are going to need a safe place to put your outdoor furniture and décor. Contact the storage professionals at Secure Self Storage and find the perfect place for all your yard essentials.