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Oct 04 2017
6 Unique Ways to Give Thanks This Year

Every second Monday in October, we gather with our friends and families to feast and share what we are most thankful for this Thanksgiving. It’s been a time-honored tradition for generations, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try fresh and new ways of honoring it! These six unique ways of giving thanks this holiday are sure to make this Thanksgiving your best yet!

  1. Guess Who? Create your own ballot box, and provide pens and paper to your guests when they walk in the door. Everyone writes down what they’re most thankful for and deposits it into the box. Once everyone has completed one, pass the box around the table and have people each read one aloud, while everyone guesses who wrote it. Sweeten the pot, and give the person who guesses correctly most often a fun prize!
  2. And the “Thanks” Goes to… Start your own award show this Thanksgiving. Make a list of all your guests and why you are thankful for them (like, “Thanks for cheering me up,” or “Thanks for driving me to the airport”) and present them with “trophies” as you announce the winners.
  3. Show and Tell. This year, instead of just saying what you’re thankful for, show everyone. Thankful for your significant other or kids? Show a picture of them. Thankful for your favorite pet? Show their leash. Thankful for a new job? Show your business card. Whatever best illustrates why you’re thankful is free game!
  4. Thanks Croissants. You’ve heard of fortune cookies, now learn about thanks croissants! Give everyone a small slip of paper to write what they’re thankful for on, then places each on top of its own croissant before you roll and bake it. When it comes time to eat, everyone pulls apart their croissant to see what hidden message of gratitude is inside.
  5. Memory Game. Make this childhood game fun for the whole family over Thanksgiving dinner. Starting with the host, everyone has to say what they’re thankful for (try to keep it to less than five words), but first must repeat what everyone before them has said. Whoever loses is last to get dessert.
  6. Beverage Tags. Get high-quality, decorative card stock for your guests to write what they’re thankful for. Then, punch a hole in the corner and tie each gratitude tag around their cups and glasses. This is an easy and simple way to keep the feeling of Thanksgiving with you the whole day.

When you’re done giving thanks for all the wonderful things you’re grateful for, give thanks for being able to securely, affordably and conveniently store all those extra chairs, tables and dinnerware you used for holiday hosting (until next time) at Secure Self Storage Canada! Contact one of our storage professionals today.