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Sep 04 2018
6 Attic and Basement Storage No-Nos

When looking for an easy storage solution, most people consider their attic or basement first. While your own home may feel like the safest spot to stow your belongings, you might actually be risking irreversible damage to many of your items. We’ve compiled a list of six things you should avoid storing in your attic or basement so they stay in the best shape possible!

  1. Electronics. With the potential of flooding and leaks in most attics and basements, it’s best to avoid storing your electronics there, especially over a long period of time. Moisture easily finds its way inside electronics, leaving them glitchy or completely non-functional. CDs, records and tape recordings are also susceptible to damages when placed in extremely cold, hot or wet environments.
  2. Flammable Items. Attics and basements don’t tend to be insulated very well. In cold temperatures, items like paint often lose their original color and consistency, ruining your plans to refresh your living room. More importantly, storing flammable chemicals like paints, propane tanks, or gasoline in spaces that reach high temperatures in the warmer months is a serious fire hazard.
  3. Antiques and Artwork. Keep your valuable, irreplaceable and sentimental antiques and art pieces safe! Wooden furniture and items made from natural materials do not fare well in spaces without temperature control. Real wooden furniture may rot with exposure to moisture, and can also expand and crack in fluctuating temperatures. Extreme temperatures can also cause paintings to melt, fade and curl.
  4. Fabrics. With temperatures rising and falling and the threat of water damage, your attic or basement is not the ideal place to keep fabrics like jackets, or wedding dresses. If you have any leather clothing, it needs to be kept in a colder environment to avoid it developing musty smells and to keep it looking its best. Delicate fabrics, such as wool, often fall victim to unwanted critters looking for a new home or a snack.
  5. Important Documents, Books, and Photograph. Treasured books, precious photographs and important information damaged by moisture or heat can be lost forever. Words become illegible, images fade and stain, and paper curls. Paper can even grow mold under these harsh conditions.
  6. Holiday Decorations. If you store your holiday decorations in an attic or basement during the rest of the year, you might want to move them to a safer location. Holiday decorations tend to be made of, or covered in, plastic, paint, varnish or waxy coatings, all of which are susceptible to heat damage. Candles easily melt in warm temperatures, plastics can warp and fade, and string lights may become brittle over time. Make sure your decorations stay in top shape so they can spread holiday cheer for years to come!

Now that you know which thing shouldn’t be stored in your attic or basement, you need to find an alternative space where you know they will be safe! Contact the storage professionals at Secure Self Storage who can help you find a protected and temperature controlled solution for all of your belongings.