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Sep 05 2017
5 Ways to Turn Your Closet Space from Messy to Immaculate

Whether you live alone, with a roommate or with your significant other, you want your closets to be organized so you know where everything is, so things don’t get damaged or wrinkled and, let’s admit it, so you can keep filling them with new purchases. After all, how can you be your best self when you can’t find the best shoes to go with your killer LBD or the best tie to go with your suave new suit? Here are five tips from the experts at Secure Self Storage on how to take your closet from a hot mess to a hot piece of space.  

  1. Take advantage of your door. Whether you have a door that opens or one that slides, utilizing the space on the back of a door can be a huge space saver. If you’re in need of some serious shoe storage, purchase a shoe rack that attaches to the back of the door. Looking to make your door space more versatile? Install hooks, and use them to hang pocketbooks, ties, scarves or belts.
  2. Prioritize items…and space. When organizing your closet, it’s important to figure out what you use the most, what you use a little less and what you use the least; this helps open your closet’s space, but keeps things accessible. For your most-used items, keep them at eye level so you can always see them. The floor is the perfect spot for those items you use a little less—they’re easy to grab but won’t be in the way of your most-used items. Least-used or seasonal items should be placed on an upper shelf (if you don’t have one, installing one is easy and helpful), so they’re out of the way. Looking to really free up space? Consider using a storage unit for your seasonal clothes, such as down jackets, winter boots or summer clothing and accessories. This way, they’re out of your way but easy to get to when the weather—and you—are ready of them.
  3. Divide and conquer. Dividing your items and placing them into cubbies can be helpful when looking to get the most of your closets space. Cubbies are extremely versatile—from where they can go, to what you can put inside of them. For example, place them on the floor, one on top of the other or side by side, for shoes. You can also place them on shelves for clothing—use one cubby for sweaters and another for pants—keeping your items separate but organized. Cubbies inside of a closet can also be a nice way to display your pocketbooks but keeping them out of the way.
  4. Utilize wall space. Similar to door space, the walls inside of your closet can be a huge asset to clearing up space on racks, shelves and floor space. If you opt for a shoe hanger on your door, then using your wall for installing hooks will be a great space saver. Or, since your wall is sturdier than your door, install shelves on the wall for sweaters, pants, pocketbooks, shoes or storage for knick-knacks.
  5. When in doubt, purge. While these previous tips are the best ways to utilize your closets space, your closet will still feel messy and cluttered if it’s filled with items that shouldn’t be in there—this includes clothing or shoes that are either too big or small, that are outdated, have rips or stains or any items that you haven’t used in two years or more. While some items may need to be thrown out because of their poor condition, consider donating as many items as possible. Not ready to part with certain belongings? A mini storage locker is the perfect spot for those items you’re not quite ready to get rid of.  

For more tips on how to make your closet the best version of itself, contact the team at Secure Self Storage.