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Dec 24 2020
5 Reasons Storage Unit Organization Matters

For some people, a storage unit is just a big free-for-all where you can toss anything you’re not using and grab it when you’re ready, but that kind of outlook can cost you big in more than one way. It’s important that you pack and organize your storage unit in the safest, most efficient way so you can maximize its value and convenience.

When you properly organize your storage unit, you can:

1.Create More Room

If you simply load your storage unit with no system, mixing box sizes and furniture based on what you grab first, your unit is going to fill up more quickly than you could have imagined. You’ll find yourself wondering why a unit designed to hold a two-bedroom apartment was only able to fit half of your belongings. By organizing your unit properly based on size and weight, you’ll be able to fit everything you need.

2. Save Money

Many people overestimate how much space they really need and rent units one size larger than recommended. Once they organize their storage unit properly though, they may realize they’ve fit everything with room to spare and are now paying for space they don’t need. Trusting the sizing recommendations of professionals and packing your unit as efficiently as possible can mean big savings for you.

3. Save Time

Once your unit is packed, chances are you’re going to need to visit it at some point. Whether you’re hunting for your favorite Christmas decorations or trying to find your 2007 tax returns in a hurry, it’s important to be able to easily locate and access your belongings. Properly organizing your unit with an efficient system will not only save you time, it will save you aggravation.

4. Protect Your Belongings

If you’ve unpacked all of your belongings into your unit without paying attention to what each was, you may find yourself doing irreparable damage to something. Maybe you accidentally packed Grandma’s good china underneath a box with your old bowling ball or stored your classic vinyl collection face down instead of on its side, but by the time you noticed it was too late to save these irreplaceable items. Proper unit organization ensures everything will come out in the same condition it went it.

5. Protect Yourself

No one wants a huge box of books or other heavy items to fall off an unsteady pile and on their head–but that’s exactly what can happen if you stack boxes without paying attention to their size and weight. Boxes should be organized with the heaviest and largest on the bottom to avoid accidental and potentially dangerous toppling.

Now that you know why proper storage unit organization is important, it’s time to find out why Secure Self Storage is the best storage solution. Contact the professionals at Secure to learn more about their affordable, secure, climate-controlled storage units.