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Nov 05 2018
5 Bicycle Storage Tips to Ride Through Winter

With the cold weather settling in and the holidays rapidly approaching, it’s about time to put away your bicycle for the winter. Before you stow your wheels for the season, here are five things you should know to ensure your ride will be in top shape and ready to hit the road when you take it out for a spin in the spring.

  1. Clean it Up. Thoroughly clean your bicycle. Leftover grime can cause corrosion over an extended period of time. Start by brushing off any dirt and then use a wet rag to wipe it down. Make sure it is completely dry before putting it into storage to avoid rust from forming.
  2. Make it a Smooth Ride. Use a lubricant on the chain, handles, cables and any other bending parts to protect against damage in long-term storage. This will ensure your bicycle parts will be ready to move with you once it comes time to ride again!
  3. Maintain Temperature Control. Avoid storing your bicycle in an environment where the conditions fluctuate, and instead opt for a climate-controlled space. Constant changes in temperature invite moisture and can cause damage to the frame, including cracking and rust, and deterioration of rubber tires.
  4. Pump Your Tires. Make sure both tires are full of air before storing your bicycle. Over time tires can lose pressure and, if left deflated, can distort the rubber.
  5. Lift it Up. Hang your bicycle off the ground using a rack or a hook to keep the weight off the tires. Standing it on its wheels on a concrete floor can cause damage, including weak spots in the rubber, especially if left this way for extended periods of time. If you have no way to suspend your bike off the floor, keep a mat or rug under the wheels and make sure to come in and pump your tires full of air periodically.

Now that you know how to properly store your bicycle for the off-season, you need a place to put it! Contact the storage professionals at Secure Self Storage to find a safe spot for your two-wheeled ride this winter.