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May 11 2018
15 Tips for a More Organized You

Spring is finally here! That means it’s time for spring cleaning, which is a perfect excuse to organize your home—and your life! This doesn’t mean getting rid of the things you love, it simply means organizing them in a more efficient way and putting off-season and rarely used belongings in storage. Organization does more than keep your home tidy, it’s been found to reduce stress, prompt healthier eating and fitness habits, boost productivity, and improve your sleep! These 15 tips are a great way to get started on a happier, healthier you.

  1. Make every drawer count. Leave the chaos of junk drawers behind. Clean out all of your drawers, separate like items such as batteries, paper clips and thumbtacks, pens and notepads, and random keys, then designate them to their own drawers. More stuff than drawers? Put dividers in the drawers to keep everything neat and readily accessible.
  2. Condense unsightly cords. The world is getting more and more wireless every day, but we’re not quite cord-less yet. Clean up your cords and wires easily by zip tying your entertainment center wires together, investing in a cord hider to run your wires through, and using a stick-on cord keeper on appliances to keep their cords neat and out of your way.
  3. Utilize your bed’s storage potential. In the market for a new headboard? Get one that has usable drawers and cabinets to keep your bedroom clutter to a minimum. If that’s not in your budget, use storage containers and shoe boxes to keep under your bed for easy access.
  4. Create a controller station. If your living room or den table is chock full of controllers for your TV, streaming service, video game system, and more, use Velcro to hang them from the side of your entertainment center or table when not in use.
  5. Color-code your paperwork. Whether it’s bills, warranties, receipts, or other documents, stray papers can create a very messy look when not filed. Keep your records neat and organized by dividing them by type and assigning each a color. Next time you need to find a warranty for your broken TV or last year’s tax return, go directly to its color and save yourself the hassle.
  6. Bring back your CD holder. You may not have CDs anymore, but you probably have a CD holder collecting dust in your attic or garage. Give it purpose again by using it to organize your pots, pans, and Tupperware lids.
  7. Double your hanger space. Is your wardrobe bigger than your closet? Loop a soda can tab over the hook and put a second hanger through the other opening.
  8. Hang handbags. Love your handbags but hate how much room they take up when not in use? Use shower hooks to hang them off of your closet rod. No room in the closet? Use a tension rod to create more space in another area.
  9. Use “one in, one out” with your kids. If your kids’ toys have nowhere else to go, implement a rule that for every new toy they get, they have to get rid of one (or two) toys. If the toys are still in working order, donate them to a local charity and give your child the joy of helping others in need.
  10. Turn a dresser into a bookcase. Looking for a good place to keep your favorite books but don’t have the space for a dedicated bookshelf? Attach spice racks to the sides of your dresser and save yourself some room—and money!
  11. Make a fake drawer real. How frustrating is it when you discover that drawer in your vanity or kitchen is fake? Take back your space by removing the drawer face and its hardware, installing hinges, and adding a sturdy piece of wood across the empty space. Voila, you just got yourself some new real estate for your hair tools or cutting boards.
  12. Corral wrapping paper. Besides the odd birthday or anniversary, wrapping paper has its place in the sun for the month of December and then seems to just take up room. Keep those unruly rows neat by putting them in a garment bag and hanging them in the basement or garage.
  13. Put your jewelry on ice. Whether you’ve run out of space or simply don’t care for jewelry boxes, ice trays are an inexpensive and easy way place to store your earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings.
  14. No nightstand? No problem!Use a pocket caddy to store books and remotes or kids’ stuffed animals and small toys discreetly. Just tuck one side under the mattress and you’re all set!
  15. Organize yard tools with PVC pipe. No more tripping over snow shovels and rakes or searching for your gardening shears when you need them. Cut some PVC pipe into small sections and attach to the garage or basement wall to keep your tools handy and out of your way.

Now that you’re properly organized, where will you keep the things you love that didn’t make the organization cut? Contact the storage professionals at Secure Self Storage Canada for an affordable and convenient place to keep what’s important to you safe.