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Apr 19 2018
10 Foods That Are Secretly Spring Cleaning All-Stars

Spring is here, and you know what that means! It’s time to shake out the cobwebs and kick the season off with some much-needed spring cleaning. And when it comes to cleaning your house, what’s more natural to use than the very food you eat and cook with every day? Check out all the foods that would be at home in the cleaning aisle.

  1. When life hands you lemons, clean your house! The citric acid in lemons is perfect for rubbing on faucets to remove water stains. Dirty microwave? Mix the juice and rinds from half a lemon with half a cup of water and microwave for three minutes, then leave untouched for five more minutes. The steam will loosen tough to tackle grime for easier cleaning.
  2. Give your grill onion breath. Get your grill BBQ ready. Heat it up and spray some vinegar onto the grates to loosen residue, then scrub it firmly with half an onion. The onion’s acidity will break down any leftover residue.
  3. Treat your toaster and kettle with cream of tartar. This useful powder does more than accelerate foam while baking and prevent the crystallization of sugar in cookie dough! Combine one teaspoon with enough water to create a milky paste, then rub it on stainless steel appliances to make them shine again.
  4. Shine up your silverware with a banana. Have your potassium and glowing silverware too! Rub the inside of a banana peel on tarnished silver to restore their vibrancy.
  5. Fight wall art and shower steam with cucumbers. Is your little Picasso’s favorite canvas your walls? Cucumber peels can remove their scribbles with ease. Sick of a foggy mirror that leaves streaks? Rub a cucumber peel on it before soaping up!
  6. Get nutty with your wood furniture. Walnuts aren’t just delicious, they’re furniture savers. Peel a walnut from its shell and rub the nut along scratches, then rub your finger along the same scratches to help penetrate the oils. Finish up by buffering with a soft cloth.
  7. Flush that cola down the drain. The acidity in a can of cola is strong enough to clean your toilet bowl. Simply pour a whole can in, leave for one hour, then scrub and flush for a sparkling toilet!
  8. Treat your coffee grinder like a newlywed. Rice is not only for dinner and newly married couples, it can be used to refresh your coffee and spice grinders. Just add some uncooked rice and grind it into dust. When you remove the dust, the remnants of coffee beans and spices will come out too.
  9. Revive copper with ketchup. Your French’s® may taste amazing on mac and cheese and grilled cheese, but it’s also perfect for your copper pots, pans, bowls, and more! The natural acidity of tomatoes really brings out your copper’s natural shine.
  10. Turn your morning cup of joe into more. Used coffee grinds are very versatile. Add some to a bowl and put it in your fridge or freezer to neutralize odors. Tough grease and grime? Add a few teaspoons to your sponge to scour it away easily. Sprinkle damp grounds on your fireplace ashes to reduce dust when you sweep.

Now that you know all about your kitchen’s secret spring cleaning capabilities, where are you going to put all of your winter belongings to make room for warm weather things? Contact the storage professionals at Secure Self Storage Canada for affordable and convenient storage solutions.