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Oct 02 2018
10 Easy Ways to Decorate Your Home for Halloween

The arrival of fall means colder weather, changing leaves and best of all, Halloween! The weeks leading up to October 31 are a guaranteed good time when you get into the spirit. Whether you are throwing a party, getting ready for trick-or-treaters, or just want to show off your festive spirit, we’ve compiled 10 fun and easy ways to decorate your home for Halloween.

  1. Abandon Your Living Room. A white sheet can be used for more than just the classic last-minute ghost costume. Drape white sheets over your couches, chairs, and coffee tables to give your space a creepy abandoned house look. Add cobwebs for good measure!
  2. Skip the Pumpkin Guts. If you don’t want to go to the trouble of carving pumpkins this year, stick some orange tissue paper and a battery-powered candle in a jar. Draw a spooky face on the jar with a marker and you have yourself a mess-free alternative to the traditional jack-o-lantern.
  3. Hatch Spider Eggs. This hanging spider nest decoration is sure to give you the chills! Put a white stocking over a Styrofoam or whiffle ball, then use a glue gun to attach fake spiders and complete the look.
  4. Floating Witch Hats. Thread fishing wire through the top of a witch hat with a sewing needle. Hang it from the ceiling and repeat until you have an assembly of magically floating witch hats hovering over your head.
  5. Use Candles. When decorating, the right lighting is critical in achieving the perfect creepy vibe. Place candles around your house in groups or on candelabras for an eerie vintage look.
  6. Create Your Own Haunted Village. Paint some wooden birdhouses to look like a haunted village. The tiny scene is perfect for displaying on a window ledge, a fireplace, or as a table centerpiece.
  7. Kill Your Fake Plants. The perfect Halloween look really comes together when you pay attention to the small details in your home, even the plants! Spray paint your fake plants black to make them look like they’ve died.
  8. Turn Your Lawn into a Graveyard. For outdoor decor, take cardboard and make tombstones to place on your front lawn or in your garden. Get creative and customize the tombstones however you would like!
  9. There’s a Fly in my Soap! To add some Halloween flair to your bathroom, drop some fake bugs to your liquid soap pump. You can also add fake eye-balls, fingers, or any other creepy-crawly things you can think of.
  10. Scare Your Neighbors. Use black paper to cut out silhouettes of scary scenes and attach to your windows. The silhouettes will stand out when your indoor lights are on at night.

Now that you know 10 easy ways to decorate for Halloween, you’ll need to find more space for your spooky swag once November rolls around! Contact the storage professionals at Secure Self Storage and find the perfect place for all your Halloween décor today.